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Plein Air Easels

"My intention was to create a watercolor easel that would honor the spirit of outdoor painting. This easel enables painters working in any medium to follow in the footsteps of masters like Constable, Delacroix, Corot, Sargent and Zorn, who utilized watercolor sketches as a means to travel light and gather information for their studio paintings. Whether you are exploring the back country of America, or the back roads of Europe, the "En Plein Air Pro" is the portable studio that can meet the needs of the most adventurous painter."
-- Eric Michaels NWS, OPA & PSA


Lightweight, Functional, and Truly Unique
Each system, including easel and palette shelf, the tripod, collapsible water pail and bag to carry it all in, weighs only 8.5 lbs!

Introducing the New Advanced Series Pastel Easel

Now pastel artists have the same portability and convenience to take their studio on the go with the Advanced Series Pastel Easel. Whether you are attending workshops, traveling, or getting together with friends, your pastels stay secure and clean with our truly unique system. Like all our easels, they fit onto a light weight tripod.

Already have an Advanced Series Watercolor Easel? Then you are in luck, because the Pastel Easel is designed to fit on that too.


The Advanced Series Oil & Acrylic Easel

Created especially for outdoor use, En Plein Air Pro’s ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Easel handles canvas panels or stretched canvas up to 12” x 16” or down to 6” x 8” (the most popular range for outdoor painting). This easel and adjustable panel holder are made of tough ABS material (not wood which can warp or crack).

The ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Palette features a large, neutral gray mixing area, and slide on lid for transporting wet paint. With convenient brush holders and turps jar, you have everything at your fingertips.


The Advanced Series & Traveler Series Watercolor Easels

For the watercolorist we offer the 'Advanced Series' Watercolor Easel which features our exclusive watercolor palette shelf with cover. The 'Traveler Series' is compact and easily fits into a backpack.

These easels can accommodate sketchbooks and paper up to a 1/4 sheet size. Your brushes won't be falling into the dirt anymore with the built-in brush holder, and there is even a place for your water. see more


Watercolor Demo

Watch as Eric paints a woodland & mountain scene on the Santa Fe Trail in Colorado using the new Traveler Series Easel. View Now